Do the World Good

Creating websites and functional sites for non-profits and public sector institutions

You are out there doing the world good, helping children, women, men, communities, leading the pack! We are proud to work with non-profits to help bring their vision to life and spread their message.  Being members of non-profit boards ourselves, we always become active partners.  Expect to hear our opinion on strategies you have in mind for your site.  At the end of it all we want to see you succeed.


Stop Now and Plan was developed for the Child Development Institute (CDI).  As part of a team of developers, designers and CDI staff, this informational site is an integral component of CDI’s services to its stakeholders.




non-profit-webSri Lankans Without Borders was begun in 2009.  As a fast-growing non-profit that was looking to do the world good, it was integral that the budget fit the client’s needs but still showcase the energy and heart of its founders and members.