Brand and Sell in an Omnichannel World

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Retailers and businesses are facing a dynamic shift as consumers get increasingly comfortable with shopping and researching online and not just in the store.  Without an online presence, a retailer loses easy and direct access to their customer.  An e-commerce site can be a convenience and a pleasure for consumers as they look to save time and money and be inspired.  We work hand-in-hand to ensure you e-commerce store is set to help your business grow and increase not just online traffic but store traffic as well.



Spicer Jewellery is a trusted retailer of fine jewellery.  With consumers researching and shopping online (omnichannel retailing), it was imperative that Spicer Jewellery get a catalogue of products online.  As the client was not yet ready to sell online, a custom solution which provided a catalogue of their products but still showcased their unique products and expertise was created.